Frequently asked questions
Tracking Orders

*Attention should be paid that considering that circumstances surrounding COVID-19, there may be some delays in shipping. If your order is affected, we will send a message to you.

There are three different order conditions shown on the order page.

1. If you have not paid for the order yet, you will see " Waiting for Payment" on the order page.

2. When your order takes effect, you will see the word "Processing" on the page, which means your order is being processed.

3. When your product is delivered, you will find "Shipped" on the page.

Track Order Details

After you items are shipped, you can track your order through two ways. One is your e-mail , which will receive the tracking number of the order sent by us.

The other one is through our Site. Sign in your account first and click on “Order History” to find the history order. Choose the order you want to track and click on "Track Order Details". Then you will see the newest condition of your commodities.


If you still have questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Center.