Frequently asked questions
Return Policy

Cancellation Policy

You are able to cancel your order as long as it has not been shipped already. Please refer to the following procedures based on your condition:

If you have not paid for the order yet, you can cancel it at any time.

1.Sign in to your account and click “Order History”.

2.Choose the order and click “Cancel Order.”

An unpaid order will be canceled automatically after 6 days.

If you have done the payment and the order is under process, you should contact our customer center to cancel the order.


1. A full refund will be available if the order is canceled within 24 hours of payment confirmation. A cancellation beyond 24 hours of payment confirmation will lead to a partial refund that consists of a 60% of the product price and full shipping cost. 

2. Once an item has been shipped, it cannot be canceled. 

General Return Policy

We always stick to the“Customer First” principle, and we sincerely hope that we can bring our customers the most pleasant shopping experience. No matter what puzzles you have, we are here to offer you instant service. If there is anything wrong with your commodities, you have the right to return or exchange them in accordance with 14 Days Product Return Policy or 60 Days Conditional Return Policy. Please pay attention to the following tips:

1. Return or exchange your items within the time limits according to their real conditions; 

2. Make sure that the commodities are kept in good condition; 

3. The refund will depend on the real situation of the items. If the commodities are damaged or defective owing to our mistakes, we will offer a full refund for the commodities excluding the shipping fees. 

4. The refund will be back into your account in 2-7 days if using the Paypal account. For credit/debit card, it will require 10-30 business days according to your financial institution.

How to Return the Items

If you want to return or exchange the items, please inform our customer center of the situation and follow the provided procedures. You do not need to pay for anything else except the shipping fees.

Non-returnable Items

Any customized items and items that are totally damaged (if it is not resulted by our errors) cannot be returned.

14 Days Product Return Policy

We are committed to providing our customers with the best service and most qualified products. If the product you have received is defective, wrong or partly missing, please contact us within 14 days of delivery. Our customer center will assist you to settle down the problems. When the problems are resulted by our error, we will try our best to make everything right by replacing the items or issuing the refund as you wish. For the missing items, we will reship them to you if there is any in the stock, otherwise we will give you a refund.

If you believe the commodities are damaged during the shipment, please attach the documentation of "Proof of Damage" to your returned package. The details we need from you are as follows:

1. The Order number and item number;

2. Photos / Video certifying the issue;

3. Photos of the shipping label and original packaging. 

After our customer center confirms the issues, we will immediately arrange a replacement for you or issue the refund. You have to return the defective commodities and take responsibility for the shipping fees under this circumstance. Please do not forget to inform us of the return shipping at first, so we can guarantee your maximized benefits.

60 Days Conditional Return Policy

A return shipping is still available if you are not satisfied with the commodities within 60 days of delivery. In this case, you are supposed to be liable for the shipping fees and we will offer a partial refund based on the real condition of the commodities.

After 60 days from Delivery

A return or a replacement will not be accepted by us after 60 days from delivery.

Please contact our Customer Center for more details.